Zombie Eye Cake Pops


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Well when I was on a bit of a blogging break I was still baking and taking photos… These were actually an order I had for a kid’s class Halloween party. I know that Halloween has come and gone but I thought I would share these with you guys anyway!

I used the same method as I did here when I made cupcake pops I just did the decorating differently!

After you make and chill the balls I dipped the plastic forks in the candy melts and stuck them in the cake balls and let them cool so they would be easier to dip. I did some on top of the fork and some that look like they were stabbed by a fork!

Here are the balls with the forks… waiting for the candy melt to dry before dipping them completely.

After I dipped them completely I set the mini m&m for the eye on the cake ball and set them in a cup to dry… FYI too many in the cup will be a disaster! Not that this happened to me or anything ;)

The others that are supposed t look like an eye stabbed with a fork I just set onto the cookie sheet. The red pupil eyes are red velvet cake and the brown pupil are chocolate cake!

Then I drew some red lines for the blood shot eyes look. I just melted candy melts in a squeeze bottle to draw them on.

Some of the extra pops I put in a treat bag and tied a ribbon around so they would be easy to hand out . The others for the order I put in a cake box… although the lid would not close!

And of course I had to eat one… It was a from the reject pile so I had to put it out of its misery!

Seriously I love making these cake pops! There are so many fun ideas and the possibilities are endless plus that everyone seems to love them!

The extra’s I had I just put in treat bags wrapped with a ribbon and passed them out at work!

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DUDE! these are TOO rad! I love them! The color of the insides too… AMAZING! They look so good with that big ol’ fork stuck in them… NICE. You are too creative!

aww Thanks Cuz! I thought they were pretty cool!

SO cute Heather!
Don’t care it’s not Halloween because these are great!

Thanks! I didn’t care either ha ha… Anytime is Zombie time! Right?

Sooo creative!!! I wish I had one delivered to me!!! ;)

If you would move out here already then that could be arranged!!

Love the idea of putting them on a fork! Really smart :)

Thanks Shelly! It made it super easy too!

These are so adorably morbid!! I LOVE it!!

I love these and I love them especially because it’s not Halloween. So fun and creative!

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