Hamburger Cupcakes… Yes I too made them!


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Well when I came across the hamburger cupcakes on Bakerella and Flicker I just knew that I had to try them out. They are so cute and fun! So I decided to do just that! I just used cake mix and a brownie mix as it was quick and easy!

I started by making the brownies and letting them cool. While the brownies were cooling I made the cupcakes. Once the cupcakes had cooled I cut them open and started to make the hamburgers! I used green frosting for the lettuce and then red and yellow for the ketchup and mustard.


After I had the burgers made I did slightly tap a cloth with water on it on the top of the cupcake and shake on some sesame seeds

I then took Bakerella’s idea and made sugar cookie french french fries to complete the dessert!!

I took the extra brownie bits and cut them into bite size pieces and served them on a plate. The extra cup cakes I frosted and put out on a plate. I planned to just use the extra frosting and make them Halloween-ish however I feel they look more like Marti graw! haha OH WELL!

Maximus begged me to let him help but he had to sit this one out! He was not thrilled about it either! LOL

Here they are just one more time!! Soooo Cute!! Thanks for the idea Bakerella!!

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Jonsey…these are sooo cute!!! I wish I could try one. lol. And OMG, those fries look dangerously yummy. I dont think I would be able to just eat one. Love that you are finally posting blogs again, I have missed it!! Keep them coming!!!!!!!! <3 Brenda

Those look amazing. I wish you lived closer and could make them for Reese's class. The kids would go crazy for them. Can't wait to see what you post next.
ps – Poor Max. Maybe you should make cat treats next.

I saw these on Bakerella and they are darling. You did a great job!
Thanks for your comment on my bugs and butterflies cake!

Dude! Cuz! You rock hardcore! those cupcakes do not look that good, but i am sure that they are. red frosting like that ought to be illegal!

Ok Missy! You need to figure out how to bake and ship those to me for Jake's soccer team. I need to take snacks in 3 weeks and I will be the HIT!!! Love, Love, Love those…..Keep posting on your blog because I just LOVE reading it…. What was the site name again??? hahaha Kristi

Can someone please tell me why someone like "Keylin" would come to this website to post spam about viagra!? It's so stupid it is funny… I almost can't remove it just for the comedy factor! People are weird!

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